Tempelhove was an independent research project and hi-tech spin-off from Humboldt University and University of Potsdam. It was funded by the EXIST program of the Federal Ministry of Economics of Germany.

Tempelhove's mission was to improve the risk controsl in high frequency trading. It did so by applying scientific short term forecasting methods to multidimensional high frequency data.
One of the major achievements was the development of a new type of algo trading software. But the company also developed new techniques for algo evaluation , and transaction cost minimization.

The company ended operations regularly in 2014, when the software prototype went into operations and mission was achieved. Continued  support for customers is now being provided by Quantbuilder.de , Inh. Dr. Johannes Gomolka, Leipziger Str. 49, 10117 Berlin, Germany, Email: info(at)quantbuilder.de.